Our Services
When you go on vacation, a week-end holiday or a business trip, THE CRITTER
is here to help. We offer an alternative pet care program that allows
your pets to remain in the comfort of their own environment.
visits your pets in their home, where they can stay on their normal
routines of feeding and exercise. We can also provide the security of giving
your home a more “lived in” look while you’re away.
What we provide:

  • Feeding and water – morning and/or evening.
  • Walks, playing and exercise.
  • Cleaning the litter box, yard and accidents.
  • Giving medications as directed.
  • A written report of your pet’s activities and progress.
  • Responsible, tender, loving pet care.
  • We also offer elder and puppy day care visits while you’re at work.
    Puppies are our specialty.
    Additional services provided:

  • Bringing in the mail, packages and newspapers.
  • Watering house plants and outdoor potted plants.
  • Checking doors and windows.
  • Adjusting lights and draperies.
  • Taking out trash and recycling.
  • Shuttle service to vet and grooming appointments.