From left to right – Mick, Darrel, Hannah, Tonya and Desi.
I’m Tonya Berger, a.k.a. “The Critter Sitter”. I’ve lived in Davis for 40 years, and graduated
from UC Davis in 1977. I’ve raised and trained Australian Shepherds for over 3
7 years,
competing in a variety of dog sports and activities. While in college in southern California,
I worked for two years as a lab technician in a program that trained handlers for wild animal
parks and zoos. Through this program I learned to care for a wide variety of exotic animals.
Over the years, I’ve hand reared many baby birds and small mammals, including my two
cats, Alfie and Hobbes. At one time, I maintained a small flock of sheep for use in stock dog
trials and training. My years spent caring for a wide range of “critters”, combined with my
love of animals, led to the start of The Critter Sitter in the summer of 1999. I’ve always felt
that if I couldn’t be home to look after my animal family, I’d want someone just like me to do it!

In 2001 my son, Darrel Olsen, began assisting me in providing quality care for my rapidly
growing pet clientele. Today, Darrel is a full partner in The Critter Sitter. We share in the care
of a wide variety of household pets. Aside from dogs and cats, we provide care for parrots
(large and small), rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, lizards, snakes, chinchillas, stick bugs and the
occasional tarantula. Darrel and I offer in home care for pets and plants, making up to three
visits per day. We also offer day care for puppies or elderly pets needing a midday visit. As
The Critter Sitter enters its 1
7th year serving the pet care needs of Davis and El Macero, we
look back with satisfaction and fond memories. We’ve watched puppies and kittens grow into
adulthood. They’ve all become a part of our extended pet family. And we’ve had so much
fun along the way.
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